Re-Roofing: Summercroft Primary School

  • Re-Roofing: Summercroft Primary School
  • Re-Roofing: Summercroft Primary School
  • Re-Roofing: Summercroft Primary School

The Project

The Challenge

Graham Ellis Associates (GEA) were commissioned by Summercroft Primary School to prepare a CIF application to the EFSA, to secure grant funding for an urgent re-roofing project at the school.

An intrusive survey was carried out, to identify those roofs which needed urgent repair.

The Application for Grant Funding via the CIF Bid process required the format of the Bid to focus on the following criteria:

  • Project Need
  • Project Planning
  • Value for Money

Project Need – required GEA to provide information on the urgency of the need, strength of evidence of the need and the nature and extent of the impact the refurbishment works would have on the school.

Project Planning – needed to address the appropriateness of the solution put forward by GEA, the time scales and a delivery plan.

Value for Money – GEA competitively tendered the project prior to submission of the Application to give ‘cost certainty’ before works started on site.

The preferred Contractor, after comparison and analysis of the tenders received was Tower Asphalt Ltd.

The accepted tender was within Budget.

The CIF Bid proved to be successful, and the school was notified.

The Remedy

GEA were tasked with providing the most cost-effective solution to deal with the problems encountered by the leaking and thermally inefficient roofs at the School.

A detailed Options Appraisal was undertaken to establish the most cost-effective solution,

An overlay roofing system was adopted (to Roofs 3 and 4), to lay on the existing deck to cause minimal disruption to the normal teaching and learning curriculum during the construction phase on site. However, Roofs 1 and 2 required the roofs to be stripped back to deck, the new deck needed replacing and a new insulated roofing system was installed.

The new roofing system carried a 30-year guarantee.

The works comprised the following:

  • Overlay Roofs onto existing Deck to Roofs 3 and 4.
  • Strip back to deck to Roofs 1 and 2
  • Preparing the existing roof surface to accept new waterproofing.
  • Insulating roof areas to current building regulation standards.
  • Re-Routing cables.
  • Raising soil and vent pipes.
  • Raising window thresholds.
  • Temporary removal of cladding.
  • Temporary removal of AC units and subsequent relocation.
  • Improving drainage/falls (where required).
  • Installing new edge details (where required).
  • Removal of ACM’s (Asbestos Containing Materials) if necessary.
  • Removal and capping of rooflights (where required).
  • Replacement rooflights (where required).
  • Providing rainwater outlets (where indicated).
  • Installing all necessary flashings etc.
  • Overlay existing roofs with new waterproofing system (Roofs 3 and 4).
  • New deck, insulation, and waterproofing system (Roofs 1 and 2).

Consultancy Services – Pre and Post Contract

The services provided by GEA on this project were as follows:

  • Budget Estimates, Feasibility Studies.
  • Surveying the existing roof structures and taking core samples.
  • Preparation of Specification, Description of Materials and Workmanship.
  • Agreeing re-roofing design/specification.
  • Advice on Procurement and Contract Selection.
  • Preparing Tender Documents.
  • Analysing Tenders returned, preparing a Tender Report with recommendations.
  • Producing Site Specific Scope of Works for the site and agreeing the Contract Sum with the Contractor.
  • Monitoring Contractor’s Progress on site.
  • Cost control – Interim Valuation payments and Financial Statements.
  • Monitoring Health & Safety on site.
  • Agreement of Contractors Final Account.
  • Sign off at Practical Completion (PC)


Start Date: 28th May 2019.

Project Duration: 16 Weeks

Completion: 10th September 2019

Project Value: £292,518.60 (inc. GEA Fees)

The Professional Team

Once notification had been received via the ESFA, that funding was available for the project, GEA were appointed as Contract Administrators, Quantity Surveyors, Principal Designers and Project Managers.

The Construction Project was carried out using the JCT Minor Building Works Form of Contract with Contractors design 2016.

Fees were charged at 10% of the Contract Value (in line with those recommended by the ESFA).

Before Commencement on Site:

GEA chair a pre commencement meeting on site, with all the parties present, to establish and agree the following:

  • The Contractors Programme
  • To sign the Contract Document
  • To discuss obligations imposed by the Employer working at the school.
  • To discuss the site access route and position of compound
  • To agree Health and Safety rules, CDM Compliance
  • To agree a start date on site after mobilization of the Contractor

During the Project:

Weekly site visits were made by GEA to monitor progress on site.

A photographic record was maintained throughout the contract period on site.

Monthly site meetings were chaired and minuted by GEA and distributed to the school and the project team.

Monthly Financial Reports were provided to the Client to ‘firm up’ costs of any provisional sums or variations and to forecast the anticipated Final Account figure.

The End Result

The project achieved Practical Completion on time and to an excellent standard of workmanship.

The project was completed within the specified contract sum, with the School being kept fully informed with monthly Financial Reports during the construction phase, as to the anticipated final cost.

The before, during and after photographs show a vast aesthetic improvement to the refurbished blocks, with the additional benefit of insulation to improve thermal efficiency.

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